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2023 WI BASS Nation Dates & Schedule:

  • ***State Championship timeline***
  • Thursday Sept 21st is "Official Practice Day" - Lifejackets/killswitches must be worn. 
  • Anglers must be off the water on Thursday by 3p.m.!!!!
  • Registration starts at 3:30-5:00 p.m. at Big Musky Resort
  • Food and drinks will be provided at registration thru meeting.
  • 5:15p.m. - Awards handed out
  • 5:30 -- Rules meeting and text pairings.
  • ***all times are approximate and may change***

The BASS Nation Championship will be expanded to a 250 boat (and co) event in the fall of 2024. 165 spots will be reserved for BASS Nation members who qualify directly from their State qualified events. Each state will be guaranteed 1 spots and will receive a number of spots based on the % of the whole BASS Nation membership accounted for by that state. Based on current membership - WI would receive 6 spots ( 6 boat/nb) at the BNC. (So we qualify 6 people directly to Nationals from our WBN events)

In addition, there will be 4 Divisional "open" tournaments. Each Divisional will be up to a 250 boat field. Each BASS Nation state will be allocated early entry codes for 10 boats (10 boat/nb) to one Divisional. $500/$250 entry fees. From each Divisional, 20 boat/NB spots move onto the BASS National Championship.

We discussed the allocation of our 6 direct National Championship berths and 10 Divisional spots at the reps meeting. Reps will be bringing this information back to its members for further discussion.

More to come.We are looking to fill the V.P. position. If you know of someone interested in the role - please contact a board member.