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Entries Received
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Boaters:                                                           Non-Boaters

Scott Jorgenson                                                          Mikal Urhammer                         

There are 2 steps to this process.   If you don't do both, you won't be entered.
Step 1.  Fill out the form and hit SUBMIT!!!
Step 2.  Pay the Entry Fee.   All entries are paid as one Entry.  ($250:  $150 boater/100 non-boater)

$250 Entry Fee (150/100)


Please fill out the State Entry forms for both the boater and Non-boater.  Also to be paid as one.   Please let us know if you have any questions.

***Entries are due in by Friday Sept. 3rd***

Step 2 - Submit Payment:

Call Us Today (608) 234-1135

State Championships - Wabasha Pools 4-5-5A:  Sept 18-19

Boaters and their Non-boaters sign up together and a single payment is made of $250.  $150 for the boater and $100 for the non-boater.   Boaters and Non-boaters (links) are tied together throughout the life of the event.   If for some reason 1 leaves or drops out - the other goes as well to maintain number balance.
                                                   New this year!
We will be posting at the end of each week an updated list of who we've confirmed as registered after both steps below are completed.  If you don't see your name on that list - you're not entered!!!