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Attn: We regret to inform you that due to many schools not being able to participate in events through July - we will be postponing the College/High School state championship until Aug. 22nd. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. This year has been tough on us and coming to these decisions is not easy. We're trying the best we can to not leave kids out just b/c they're schools have unreasonable rules. Thank you for understanding, please contact Josh Crededio if you have questions.

***  Registration will be at 7p.m. at the Winniconne Park (landing).    All anglers must be off the water by 5p.m. the Friday Before the event.***   Information regarding Tournament Hours, Rules, Flights, etc will all be discussed at this time.   Park is plenty big enough for social distancing.

College State Championship Entry:  $150

H.S. & College - Winniconne Chain:  July 11th

High School State Championship Entry:  $60

***Payment may work better on non-mobile laptop/PC***

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